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Why should stress be at the top of your agenda? Stress affects staff morale, ability to communicate and deal with your customers effectively, and importantly affects productivity and efficiency. The way your business cares and supports  staff has a huge impact on the way your company is viewed by your employees and customers; affecting your business’s external image. All of which can make or break a company . It’s no secret that work related stress is a significant issue on many levels.
You may find the following facts interesting:
  • the incidence of stress in 2011/12 was 428 000 cases (40%) out of a total of 1 073 000 cases for  all work-related illnesses,
  • in Great Britain work related stress cost businesses  10.4 million working days in 2011/12.

The above facts sourced from:

Imagine being able to reduce your absentee rate by 40% ? What difference would that make to your business? What difference would it make to your staff?  What changes would you see within your business? You know as well as I do that the most valuable assest  in any business is your staff; can you afford to continue to lose money, and perhaps your reputation due to stress within your business? Do you want to do your best to retain staff?

I understand fully how stress affects individuals within your work force because of my own personal experience and that of my colleagues within heath and social care settings; these are, after all, some of the most vulnerable groups affected by stress. I understand at a practical level how to turn your situation around by helping your company to meet the individual needs of your business and your employees.

After consultation with you I will design a personalised stress management programme which will be delivered individually or in groups, whichever suits your company.  This will take the form of a half day event or full day depending on your needs. You can address the areas specific to your needs and these may include any, or a combination of the following:

self hypnosis-a life long tool to assist stress management, confidence/self belief, team building, confidence in public speaking, anger management, smoking cessation etc.

How much:

half day -£300

full day- £550

Free hypnotherapy CD or download  is included in the cost.

(The cost assumes that you will  provide the venue free of charge and  cover all necessary catering overheads.)


At a time which suits your employees and your company.

What next:

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can assist you and  your staff to be the  healthiest and also the best in your field by clicking this link.