What To Expect

What exactly is hypnosis?

It may surprise you to know that hypnosis happens all the time and you just haven’t realised. When you’re watching your favourite TV program and you drift into a day dream or ‘warp off’ as I like to call it, and then suddenly you hear the music at the end of your programme and you realise you have missed it- that is a type of self hypnosis, perfectly natural, safe and comfortable.

The real difference is during your hypnotherapy session I will be talking to you, making suggestions which will help you to change in the way that you want ( as we’ve agreed before the start of your session).  A hypnotherapist’s aim is to help you to reach that natural state of mind where  you can use your own inner resources to achieve change and self healing in a way that fits perfectly with you.

Will I lose control?

No, no and once more no, this is a complete and utter myth: hypnotherapy doesn’t make you  lose control of your mind or actions. You will be fully aware of what is happening during your session. Actually hypnotherapy helps you to control your mind and actions in a way that suits you. In case you’re wondering, hypnotherapy can’t change your presonality.

What does it feel like?

I’m not sure exactly what it will feel like for you and there is certainly no right or wrong way to feel. Relaxed and calm are two words which are often used to describe how hypnosis feels. You may feel that your body is either very heavy or very light, either way you will be able to move if you want, but most probably you will not want to. A client recently said,  “….such an amazing experince that I would have the session again and again just for the relaxation!”

You will also be able to open your eyes if you want at any time, but again it is not likely that you will want to. You could if you wanted to even keep your eyes open during your whole session if that’s what makes you feel comfortable, it’s all about what is right for you.

What will happen during my first session?

Our first meeting will start with an initial information gathering session- chat and some questions, you will of course be able to ask me questions too about hypnotherapy and about me. This gives us both the chance to find out if we can and want to work together to achieve your  goals. If you have the time usually the treatment session will follow on from this but only after I have explained what I expect you to achieve through hypnotherapy and you are happy to go ahead.

Will everything be perfect afterwards?

Well I think perfection is highly over rated! You will probably experience a lot of clarity after your session. Obviously the reason for your session is unclear at  the moment, but I like to think that we are all works in progress. Hypnosis has no limits. It can improve one area while  inadvertently having a positive knock on effect-on other areas.

I would expect you to experience change, that is true. It could be the way you think about an area of your life, your feelings towards an event or situation, or you’ll notice your behavior has changed.

How can hypnosis help me?

Hypnotherapy is really very straight forward. During hypnosis the conscious  part of your mind which  is usually working overtime; worrying, thinking things through and making your decisions will get a bit of a rest. The unconscious mind, which is usually quietly working in the background, will be working more than usual.

During hypnosis your unconscious mind will be able to listen to suggestions and take on board those that suit you and will help you. Remember, that you will only ever agree with suggestions which you are comfortable with, and I will only ever give you suggestions which will benefit you. This changes the way your conscious mind thinks which in turn makes you  feel and act differently.

The other wonderful thing about your unconscious mind is that all your memories are stored here.

Have you ever thought that you are not achieving your goals because something inside is holding you back, something you can’t quite put your finger on? Does this sound like you? Then probably your actions or feelings are connected to a memory from your past, a memory which is not affecting you in a helpful kind of way.

You are sabotaging yourself without even really knowing it. The memory which is at the root of your barrier can be easily and safely revisited during hypnosis and  can then be dealt with in a more positive way meaning that you can move forward.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

I really do understand why this might worry you, but everyone can be hypnotised if they are willing,  remember it’s my job to do all the hard work you don’t have to try at all, in fact really I’d rather you didn’t try.

All I need you to do is bring your willingness to change and be open about hypnotherapy. Even in a very light hypnotic state you can achieve a great deal. So please, allow yourself not to worry about this.

Will I remember everything?

You will probably remember nearly all of the session, but the amount you can remember doesn’t really matter it’s the effect hypnosis has on you which is really important. Some people remember vey little and that’s absolutely fine because they can still experience powerful change.