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Weight management

lose weight with comfort and ease

lose weight with comfort and ease

”It took me 12 months to put on 28 lbs but I’ve lost 14 lbs in 4 weeks. I’m not quite sure why but I am no longer interested in chocolate. I’m just not eating so much….it’s really not that hard and I’ve joined ‘Jog Scotland’. Thanks.” C H  Helensburgh 07/02/12

”I have lost 8 pounds since seeing you! Doing well”! C B  Helensburgh ( 2 weeks after session)

”Susan explained everything very well and I felt totally at ease. I felt in control through out but never wanted to alter my session. It was very relaxing and my images were very powerful.”  J.J  Greenock 12/2/12

”I felt Susan was able to settle my mind on hypnosis, and I have a very sceptical mind on things. My actions and feelings were in my control at all times as was promised. A very positive experience.” I F Balloch 15/12/12

“I didn’t realise how relaxing and easy it was to have hypnosis. The effects of my sessions not only brought about changes in my approach to food but my approach in dealing with other areas in my life which are all extremely positive. I have never felt more at peace, relaxed and happy! I know if I felt the need to come back the door is always open to do so. Susan’s approach was understanding, non-judgemental and completely supportive and trustworthy! Thank you!” JF Dumbarton 18/12/13

” I am very focused and very determined and have lost 9lbs in the 4 weeks since I saw you!
I am enjoying healthy food, and do not want to eat anything else.   Indeed I was in a favourite tea room recently and ordered a coffee and a banana!”   J.McG. Mid Argyll

Smoking cessation


quit smoking for good

quit smoking for good

”I have no desire to have a cigarette. Feel relaxed and refreshed. Have a positive feeling, but strong at the same time. Feel confident and determined.” M J Greenock 22/12/12








“….such an amazing experience that I would have the session again and again just for the relaxation! On top of that, I went out drinking last night, which would normally be prime time for me to have cravings and I completely forgot all about it until I woke up smoke free today. Can’t thank you enough Susan, I’m now trying to come up with other things you can help me with!” SL W Bathgate 15/02/14

“… can’t thank you enough for helping me to stop smoking. My family cannot believe how much hypnotherapy has worked for such a heavy and consistent smoker like myself. Myself, I put it down to the fantastic way you put me at ease, first with the consultation and then the hypnosis itself. It was very relaxing and the difference it has made to my lifestyle has been amazing. I would (and have) recommended you to several friends and colleagues.Thank you again for providing me with this very positive experience.” J W Dumbarton 14/04/14

”It’s hard to describe but I’ve found it relatively easy, I’ve had 2 major tests and was fine the thought came to my head and was gone in about 2 mins, I seem to think that I’ve never smoked lol. Really positive about not smoking again. I know I won’t. I think the hypnosis was just the kick or bit of reassurance that I needed.  I don’t even think about fags unless I see someone smoking and it reminds me how I dislike it. ” M T Mountblow 20/06/14

Health and fitness

Barry McGuigan knows all about health and fitness and how to reach your potential after all he has been Featherweight Champion of the World. I was lucky enough to meet him at my local gym. I seized the moment and asked him to give me a personal quote about hypnotherapy and health. Here is what Barry said to me: ‘Health is about mental well being as well as physical exercise and I recommend relaxation techniques and a holistic approach to keeping fit and well. Hypnotherapy can offer you holistic support; helping you to achieve your potential.  25/08/13



”I was a little apprehensive at the start, and  I didn’t think I would be able to relax and ‘let go’, but I truly relaxed and I felt positive. The way I feel right now if a cat came into the room I wouldn’t bother.” A N Alexandria 17/12/12


”Totally changed my life and my family’s life. Would recommend to anyone who needs to get over a fear and start living.” S B Alexandria 24/09/13

“After my session I got on a flight to Ireland. the flight there I had quite a few drinks in the airport and I actually enjoyed my flight. Coming back I decided just to be brave so had no alcohol and guess what I was absolutely fine. can’t thank you enough for this life changing hypnotherapy.  Actually had a tear in my eye stepping off the plane-was so happy” PW Alexandria 06/06/16


“I enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Susan, I was very much put at ease through the consultation prior to my session. I found this very therapeutic and the most relaxed I have ever been, I have felt this has been very beneficial to me and am more motivated.  Susan taught me self hypnosis this was helpful and I can practice this every day.I have already recommended to some friends”  S.K. West Dunbartonshire


I have only seen one Hypnotherapist before but Susan seems to be in a completely different league! She takes such care and consideration in getting to know you and spends a long time gathering detailed information. This enables her to make the treatment session as personal as possible which makes it more effective. She is a genuinely caring person who wants you to succeed in your goals. Her voice is soothing and relaxing even for those who may feel a little bit out of their comfort zone. I would recommend Susan to anyone who needs that extra nudge to change something in their life or support with anything they are finding challenging whether it is a simple change or a complex issue.” M.G. Yorkshire. 30/07/14


”Susan helped me out no end.  I felt supported and comfortable the whole time, which really enabled me to let out my emotions.  Can’t recommend her enough.” S-L W Bathgate 07/06/13

“Had some reservations, but wish I had done this a long time ago, is making a real positive change in my life” MH Balloch 11/02/14

General comment

”’Susan cares about what will work for you and that is a big bonus for engaging with a hypnotherapist. She brings a lot of professional experience to her role and you can be confident of her professional and individual approach to suit your aims and objectives. If I needed help, I would go to Susan.”Glen Reynolds PhD, NSPH Aberdeenshire  07/06/13

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