7 top tips to stop snoring


We know snoring is fairly common and seems to affect more men than women (2:1). As many as 30-50% of the adult population snore at some stage. Of course these statistics are of no consequence to you if your sleep is being disturbed.

These tips may help:

1 Sleep on your side. You are more likely to snore if you sleep on your back. Try to sleep on your side as sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your neck.

2 Lose weight. Weight puts pressure on your airways which can lead to snoring.

top tip-losing weight can stop snoring

losing weight can stop snoring

Are you overweight-losing a few pounds could stop your snoring

3 Avoid alcohol and sedatives. Alcohol and sedatives slows down the central nervous system, relaxing muscles of the jaw and throat making you more likely to snore.

4 Reduce allergic reactions. If you have allergies which block your nose taking your antihistamines before bed time can help. Also if you have a stuffy nose saline sprays may help. You could also try a dehumidifier and changing pillows regularly may reduce allergic reactions. I have a friend who swears by putting pillows in the freezer; no really she does! As she says that this kills all the ‘bugs’.

5 Take a hot shower before bed. This can open up blocked nasal passages.

6 Stop smoking. You are more likely to snore if you smoke because smoking damages your airways.

7 Stay hydrated. Drink plenty during the day during the day this will stop airway secretions becoming sticky and so reduce snoring.

Other steps:

You can visit your GP or your dentist. They may advise a mouth guard but this depends on your type of snoring and many people can’t put up with these. As a last resort surgery may be offered, but of course there are risks with any surgery. Hypnotherapy has been very helpful in my experience in treating those who can’t sleep due to the noise of their snoring partner. Helping them to block out the sound. Of course hypnotherapy may also be helpful the snorer too.


  1. I can also recommend using a snore guard if everything else fails. My husband uses one from Stella White and it works quite well.

    • Thanks Miranda for sharing your experience, and I’m glad you have found a suitable solution. It’s always good to have different options to choose from. I do wonder though if you have tried hypnotherapy. I’d be interested to know this because you say the guard works ‘quite well’. Perhaps hypnotherapy would offer you a better solution.

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