Top 10 tips to quit smoking

1 Change your routine. If you always have a cup of coffee and a cigarette in your comfy chair after your dinner this needs to change. Instead go out for a walk straight after your dinner, or sit in a different chair and have a chat on a social internet site.

If you always do what you have always done you WILL always get what you have always got.

follow the top tips and quit now

follow these top tips and quit now

2  See your money grow. Put the money a side which you would have spent on cigarettes. This is your money you deserve to treat yourself with it. The average saved by non-smokers is £250 a month.

Take a moment to work out how much you could save a month. How much a year? What do you want to do with that money-new car, holiday, special birthday party………

Know your triggers-have a plan. When do you usually crave a cigarette? You need to know this so that you can have a plan to head off temptation. Maybe it’s when you have a drink-then change your drink.

Some studies show that certain drinks like fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea make cigarettes taste better.

So drink more fruit juice (fresh orange tastes disgusting with a cigarette) and water. Some people find that just by switching from their usual wine to vodka and fresh orange is enough to prevent temptation.

4 Change your diet. Some foods seem to make smoking more satisfying including meat. Others can make smoking less palatable. These include fruit, veg, and cheese. So instead of having a burger for dinner have a margarita pizza.

5  Get moving. Research has shown that exercise produces craving busting chemicals so get some exercise. Save money by quitting smoking and spend it on new clothes to show off your new toned body-win win situation.

Keep your hands busy. Keep a stress ball handy, or take up a hobby like Sudoku, knitting or enjoy time on your computer.

List your reasons to quit. Write a list of all the reasons why you want to quit and keep it handy at all times. If you’re tempted the list will remind you of why you started.

8 Use Affirmations. They are a great help in helping to encourage positive thinking. Affirmations are short phrases that you repeat over and over to yourself. They are in the present tense. If you say anything often enough with conviction you WILL believe it. These are best said out loud and looking in a mirror.

Don’t worry if it feels odd to begin with, anything new often feels odd Try: I am in control of my life and enjoying good health. or I enjoy my life as a non-smoker.

9 Get support. It is best to get support from those around you. Even better why not quit with a friend or family member.

10 Use your unconscious mind. Most people try to stop by relying on only their will power which for most sadly fizzles out after a few days or week. About 97% start smoking again.It can be so much easier and more comfortable if you can change your thinking by using your powerful unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can make it really easy to change your motivation, confidence and reduce or illuminate your desire for a cigarette.  This helps to remove the desire to have a cigarette. Helps to give you confidence that you can and will succeed.

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