Who I Help


In a nut shell I can help you to take charge and change any aspect of you life which is holding you back including unwanted thoughts or actions.

Are you still wondering if I can help you? Then have a look at the questions below and if you  answer ‘Yes’ then contact me and you can be on the road to making those changes which will improve your health and your future for the long term.

  • Have you ever wondered about how hypnotherapy could help you? YES
  • Do you want to and are you willing to change your life for the better? YES
  • Are you interested in finding out why you have been unable to achieve your personal goals  in the past so that you can achieve them NOW? YES
  • Are you eager to improve your life by letting go of unwanted thoughts and ways of living your life?  YES
  • Do you want to try something different? YES
  • Are you happy to be involved and take control in the changes you can make with my support? YES
  • Do you want to know more about your own untapped potential and how it can help you? YES
  • Are you willing to use the tool box of  personal self help skills at home? YES
  • Do you want to be able to make future changes in your life as and when you need without my constant personal help? YES

Now, I know that the thought of change can be tricky even when you’re desperate for that change to happen. I find the following saying can help me nudge myself into the right way forward:

‘’If you always do what you have always done you WILL always get what you have ALWAYS got.’’

Still feeling uneasy about hypnotherapy, that’s absolutely fine, why not come along to a taster session (see workshop page/taster page.)

Are you still not sure what to do, but still curious then give me a call on 07909610748 or contact me  by clicking here, and then you can get all the information you need to help you decide whether hypnotherapy is right for you, really what do you have to lose?