What is hypnosis?

What is hypnosis?

Whenever I tell people what I do they always ask certain questions.Susan Preston Hypnotherapist People are usually curious to know what hypnosis is and normally they say something like; ‘I don’t fancy that.’ Well, have I got news for you; you naturally go and in and out of hypnosis every day and usually more than once a day.

Perhaps you have sat down to watch your favourite TV programme and you suddenly reach the adverts and realise you’ve just missed the programme-that is hypnosis. Similarly when your mind is preoccupied and you nearly miss your stop on the train that is also hypnosis. Recently a client said her ‘favourite’ time to go into hypnosis was when driving between her home and the supermarket. Suddenly she arrives at the supermarket; she can’t remember anything about the journey and time seems to have flown by! I know it’s not a technical word but I like to call it ‘warping off’ or simply day dreaming.

I know some of my colleagues will talk about ‘going into a trance’. I am not particularly fond of this word ‘trance’ as I think it’s misleading. It makes me think that somehow you have lost control and someone has put you into a trance.

Let me try to explain this a little. I recently went into hypnosis when I was sitting at a desk in a busy office and I thought I’ll allow myself a quick look at Facebook. I then jumped from one page to the next, reading snippets putting my ‘tuppence’ worth in, looking at funny pictures- very soon I was so drawn into this cyber world that everything surrounding me had faded into the distance. Yes, I was aware of people around me. I could hear conversations, voices, words, even music but I couldn’t have given you any details because my focus of thinking was firmly what I was reading, responding to and writing. I was automatically able to block virtually everything else out; everything else was there but- in the distance. When I lifted my head to ask a question I realised that I had been sitting there for twenty minutes-time had passed quickly.

hyno clockI also knew that if there had been any emergency I would have responded quickly bring my focus back to the office. So hypnosis is natural, we all do it, and while in hypnosis your focus is narrowed down and very centred and importantly you have full control.

I hope this gives you a more realistic understanding of what hypnosis is like and makes the thought of hypnotherapy a little less mysterious. Please contact me if you have any questions about hypnosis and how it can help you.

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Susan Preston


  1. When is your favourite time to go into hypnosis? mine is when I’m out walking with my lovely dogs.

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