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World Diabetes Day.

Tomorrow, Friday 14th November  is ‘World Diabetes Day’. It’s an international day promoting diabetes care, prevention, and working towards a world wide cure. A big task, but everything starts with one small step. Did you know that by having breakfast every day you help to stabilise your blood sugar levels ensuring you don’t feel hungry! The bonus of this is it also helps to control your weight too.

Although at the moment type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented there are easy life style changes which CAN prevent type 2.

Here are some useful changes you can make today which will change your life for the better allowing you to live a healthier and happier life tomorrow.

control your weight by eating breakfast every day

control your weight by eating breakfast every day

1 Exercise. One of the main steps to reduce your risk of getting diabetes is by doing 30 minutes of exercise a day’ This  can reduce your risk  by a whopping 40% and of course exercise has many other benefits too-so that’s a ‘Brucie Bonus’!

2 Lose weight. I know , I know it can be easier said than done. If you are over weight you are likely to be less resistant to insulin and also have high blood pressure! I would recommend losing weight with a friend. Many of my clients have been helped to lose weight effortlessly and with ease by using hypnotherapy .

3 Stick to a balanced diet including starting the day with breakfast.

4 Quit smoking. Don’t think I need to say any more!

5 Get a good nights sleep. There may be a link between too much sleep over 9 hours and too little less than 6 hours. Too little may affect your hormones leading to eating too much and creating an imbalance in your energy levels. While too much sleep may be a sign of depression , or  caused by being overweight which can affect sleeping patterns.

6 Stress and depression. Evidence now links stress and depression with heart disease and diabetes. If you think you may suffering from depression go to your GP for information and help.

If you find it hard to achieve any of the changes above and need some extra help hypnotherapy may be your answer. Hypnotherapy can help you to make the changes you want with ease and comfort. Why not have a look at what people have said about how hypnotherapy has helped them.

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