10 top tips for super sleep

The recent change in the clocks can play havoc with your sleeping patterns.

Try these

top tips to great sleep

top tips to great sleep

1 Go to bed only when you feel tired. You can’t expect to sleep if you’re not tired.

2 Get some day light. This triggers a chemical reaction in your body helping you sleep.

3 Get some exercise. At least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. This could make  all the difference.

4 No caffeine after 2pm.

5 Cut out alcohol-this is a stimulant.

6 Keep your bedroom dark.

7 Be warm but not hot in bed.

8 If you are awake for 20 minutes get up and do something boring.

9 Don’t read, watch telly or use your computer in bed. Your bed should only be used for two things making love and sleeping.

10 Help your brain prepare for sleep by switching off the telly one hour before bed. Don’t read an exciting book just before bed.

Let me know what your top tip is.


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